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August 3, 2010 / agrove19

Etsy Etiquette?

This summer I have been slowly planning my wedding. I have some ideas but I tend to get overwhelmed and then start slacking off big time. So my goal is to do little by little and not stress over the small stuff. One small thing that I started stressing out over big time was my stationary.

I began looking at invitations and started to get sucked into spending more time (and money) than I ever thought possible. I spent hours pouring over invites, getting P’s approval (well, mostly his disapproval) and trying to figure out my “style”. Seriously, I almost decided to take a trip, climb a mountain and find “myself” so that I could have some clue as to what I wanted. Then, one day it hit me. WHAT AM I DOING?

This is paper we are talking about here. Paper that will one day see the inside of a trash bin (or recycling bin, Brittany). Probably, April 3rd, the day after the big day. So, I decided to stop with the obsessiveness and figure out something quick. I value my time (probably a bit too much).

After searching on Etsy (I love me some Etsy), I found the cutest invitations that I fell in love with. On top of that, the store provides options. I can either have them print the invites or I can print myself. My budget smiled. And…get this… P loved them as well! Score! So, I convo’d the store and anxiously awaited a reply, excited that my search was over.

Well, I waited about a week. Not bad. It’s summer. I get it. People are busy. So I replied immediately and answered all of the questions asked. Now we are getting somewhere. They know my colors and the number of invites I will need. I got my pen ready in anticipation to check invitations off my ever so long to do list.

Wait. Literally, I begin to wait. I am ready to order but instead I am waiting. And waiting. Three weeks later, I am still waiting for a response. Cue brain to explode. I am normally impatient (I am working on it) but I think this would be excessive to a normal person.

So, what should I do? Have any of you ever experienced this? Anytime I have ever contacted someone on Etsy, they have promptly responded. I think I am going to need a poll for some advice.


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  1. Brittany / Aug 3 2010 11:19 pm

    I say give ’em one more chance to get it together – say, write them one more time and wait no more than a week for them to reply – and after that, move on. There are plenty of other Etsy sellers in the sea.

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